My HVAC is malfunctioning

Surprise birthday parties are fun but surprise problems around the house are not. Being a new homeowner I have encountered lots of problems so far. Usually I can just do a web search and figure out how to fix whatever has broken. This has been true for the time that my bathroom sink stopped working. I was also able to replace a broken doorknob by doing a quick web search. I had a real problem one day when my HVAC unit started to malfunction. We came home one hot summer day and knew something was wrong. The house was hotter inside than the weather was outside. I could feel hot air being blown from every vent in the house. Since it was summertime the air conditioning should be running, not the heater. Ordinarily we come home and the air conditioner has cooled the whole house down to a comfortable temperature. At first I thought I could search for a solution to this problem. I realized, though, that HVAC units are much more complicated than a broken sink. I ended up calling the professionals at an HVAC repair company. They have probably seen problems like this before. I cannot imagine why my heater would be running instead of my air conditioner. There must be something wrong with the wiring. The HVAC technician came and fixed my unit later that day. They understood that not having air conditioning in the summer time was an emergency. The HVAC technician also recommended that we set up an annual maintenance visit for our HVAC unit.

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