My hard water is a major issue

I am so happy with the location of my house.  We have no neighbors in sight, and we’re surrounded by a lush forest, hills, and small streams.  Although the house is well over one hundred years old, it is thoroughly modern.  I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time, money, and effort to making everything just right.  I’ve entirely gutted and renovated every single room to be comfortable and appealing.  I’ve installed new windows, added insulation, upgraded the Heating and Air Conditioning system, and put in modern light fixtures.  The only thing that I can’t alter is the condition of our well water.  I have very hard water.  The water pretty much ruins the house.  The water is so concentrated with minerals such as calcium, lime, and rust, that even a water softener can’t do any good.  I’ve installed several different types of water softeners that only manage to run me short of water.  Unfortunately, the hard water causes a buildup of scale and causes clogs in our pipes, corrodes the fixtures, and wrecks appliances.  A water heating system in our house typically lasts around two years.  I don’t bother using the dishwasher because the dishes look stained and cloudy in the end.  Our white clothing items and linens have been stained an unappealing shade of orange.  The hard water even harms our family’s skin, hair and teeth.  I’ve talked with numerous plumbers, but there’s simply no way to combat such terrible water.  I deal with clogged drains, hard water stains, clogged aerators, and annoying leaks on a regular basis.  The water tastes bad and smells worse.  My family never drinks it, cooks with it, or brushes teeth with it. plumbing tune-up