My generator

I’m not going to lie, I live in a pretty prestigious area. On my street are many large houses that people with a lot of money live in. They are large, fancy homes that I personally think are over the top. Although this is true that I live around these homes, my home unfortunately is not one of them. My house is the smallest by far on the street. I love my home though. It has character and it is unique in my mind. Other home owners on this street probably look at my home and wonder why I would want to live on this street in such a small home but I really am not embarrassed at all. I am just happy to live in such a nice neighborhood. It is beautiful year round, but it is especially over the top at Christmas time. The decorations and lights that these people put on for display their lawns is crazy. It’s like I’m going blinded by the brightness of it all. That was not the case last night though. We experienced a bad winter storm and everyone’s power went out. Everyone’s power but mine went out to be specific. I own an automatic backup generator. The generator is outside our home so it is not even an eye sore to us at all. When the power went out, the generator turned on automatically within seconds. I didn’t even have to trudge through the snow outside to turn it on! For the first time ever, my home was the brightest on the street.

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