My experience with washable air filters

I have always loved my mom’s dedication to her kids. I am a grown man now, but she still takes care of me whenever I need help. As a child, she was always there for me and she worked hard to make ends meet. When I came home from the park with grass stains all over my jeans, she would spend hours rubbing stain remover into the fabric to make them look like new again. Instead of buying me new clothes, she simply worked hard to make the old ones look new again. I may not have appreciated her back then, but I sure do now. In my house, I do the same things with the HVAC air filters. I used to throw the old one out every few weeks and replace it with another one. While they are not super expensive, they still are a pain to go out and buy every so often. Therefore, I made the switch to a model of air filter that simply needs to be washed every month. I realize many people have negative things to say about washable air filters, but I promise you that they have been a blessing for my household. I simply take them out each month, pick all of the dust out of the filter, run some water through it and they look good as new. Just as my mother used to make my jeans look fresh, I do the same thing for my heating and cooling equipment. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the other filters.