My dance club

My buddies and I always go to the club. It is what we do every Friday night. We have tried several different clubs but there was one in particular that we liked to go to. We would go and have a good time drinking, dancing and flirting with women. We always dress our best and dress to impress. We have a great time and couldn’t see ourselves doing anything else on a Friday night. I’ll admit, we spend way too much time on our hair but we have to have everything perfect about us when we go to the club otherwise women wouldn’t talk to us and our time wouldn’t be anywhere near as good. This is one of the reasons we like to go back to the same club. If we were to get all sweaty dancing, our hair would be ruined and girls wouldn’t talk to us. This club employs a solid air conditioning system. We can be intoxicated and moving on the dance floor and still remain cool. The air conditioning isn’t overbearing either. The air conditioning seems to be the perfect temperature. Our clothes don’t get sweat stains and our hair stays perfect. It’s amusing that the air conditioning system ends up being the perfect wingman for us when we talk to women at the club. I know sooner or later that we’ll start dating some of these girls we talk to and the fun will come to an end. Until that time though, we will continue to have our fun in this perfectly air conditioned club.

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