My comfort is great

Like a lot of kids, my first year of college I stayed in the dorms. I hated that time for a multitude of reasons. My roommate, Tori, was terrible. She was so loud in our room, she didn’t help to clean up, and she left her laundry all over my space. I also hated how small our shared space was. It was basically a glorified prison cell, and even included barred windows. Being on the third (top) floor didn’t help either. In the summer, the heat from the building pooled in my room, and the air conditioning that kept all the girls on lower levels comfortable didn’t reach my room. We couldn’t install a window A/C unit because of the small, barred windows, so we had to improvise with fans. In the winter, we had the opposite problem: the furnace that kept the girls on lower floors comfortable worked too well, and all the heat it generated collected in our room, making it boiling inside even when it was snowing outside. We had to use fans all year long because of how much we were sweating. I longed for a thermostat – it would have been nice to have any control over our temperature. I would’ve killed for more A/C in the summer and less heat in the winter. But, unfortunately, college administrators don’t really give their students a lot of options – we have to make do with forced air HVAC.HVAC technology