MR. Rusty to newer HVAC

My name is Joyce, plus our spouse, Don, plus I have finally reached our Golden Years. We’ve been through many situations throughout our lives, but every experience has ultimately proven to be a blessing. Our six children are a prime example of that! Over the years, our kids have been an outstanding source of pride plus joy for Wilbur plus I. In addition to watching them mature into the men plus ladies they’ve now become first hand, we’ve also gotten to enjoy them being our burden lifters when we need help doing chores plus even playing “Mr. or Miss Fix It” around the home. The tenure of that privilege recently came to an end, unfortunately because, as our last baby just got out of high university plus moved to college. That said, being the good kids that they all are, our kids still look after us by offering what they consider to be sound advice pretty regularly. For the last couple of years–and really recently especially–their focus has been on trying to convince our spouse plus I to update our Heating plus A/C system, which features “Mr; Rusty,” our tried plus true air handler device (AHU). Seeing no reason to switch things up, both of us simply let it be. Anyways, if our AHU wasn’t broke, why repair or update it? Be that as it was, one morning when Don went out to do his early day checks of the perimeter, he found that our air handler was mangled up. Not having noticed anything wrong while I was in his inspection the evening before that, he deduced that the disfigurement had to have happened late in the night. With July now gearing up plus us being in drastic need of cool, refreshing air, both of us contacted  one of our other sons, who works as an Heating plus A/C specialist in town, to come over plus repair the air conditioning.

HVAC fix up