Midwest winters

For years I’ve been living in the Midwest. I like it here because my family is all in the area, and I have a good job here. However, there is one thing that sometimes makes me want to move. I can’t stand the winters here. I have never been one for the cold weather, and I can’t stand shoveling snow. By October of each year, I am running my heater non-stop because I can never seem to get warm enough. A couple of years ago I had to deal with the major fiasco. My heater stopped working suddenly, and I did not know how to fix it myself. I called the HVAC company, but they were so backed up that they were not able to make it to my house for a week. So for seven days comma I had to suffer in a house without a proper heating system. By day four, I had made the decision to stay in a hotel until the appointment because I couldn’t take the cold anymore. I was so turned off by this event that I started looking at real estate in different areas. I hate being so dependent on a heater because there are bound to be times when it is not working at its full capacity. I have decided to see how this winter goes. If I still feel the same way by the end of it, I think I will seriously start to plan a move further south. There, it will be warmer and I can get by with only using my air conditioner.

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