Making sure you get quality HVAC equipment

When I was in grade school, our area experienced a terrible snowstorm. The worst part about it was that it took place before the winter season even started. This storm occurred in October so it took everyone by surprise, even the weatherman. Many people were snowed into their house for more than four or five days. This was a really dangerous time, especially for the elderly because they had no way to get important medications or anything like that. At our house, we were dealing with a very big problem as well. We were so very cold because our heater was broken. Because of the storm, there was no way to get an HVAC technician to come to our house to repair it. We had a generator running to power most of our appliances, but the heating equipment wouldn’t power on at all. My dad took control. He loaded up an inner tube, placed me in it and began to pull us all around town. We went into everything that was open just to warm up a bit. We found food and shelter that kept our bellies full and our bodies safe from the blistering cold. After the storm was over, my dad replaced the furnace to ensure that we would never be caught in a situation like that ever again. While it was fun to battle the elements, it was also very scary for us as well. Since that time, I don’t think we have ever had a problem with our HVAC equipment which is very encouraging to think about.

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