Lying about heat pumps

My brother is typically a gullible person. I’m not looking to be mean I’m just stating a simple fact, so when it came on the decision of building a completely new house I was worried about him and all of the contractors he would have to deal with. For the most part people are honest but there’s always one with the crowd that will exploit you if they think they can do it. Everything was going along smoothly as promised until one day when he encounters an HVAC dealer who was less than reputable. I stopped by the construction site to check out my brother and check issues out and he started telling me about this great HVAC system that he was going to have put it in our house. He told me that it was subsequently more expensive than the other systems he looked at but that he would be able to use the ground temperature to control the temperature inside the home and I started to get curious. I know a touch about geothermal heat pumps and knew that they weren’t installed in our area regularly. The reason for that is that him and i have extremely harsh winters where by our daily temperatures don’t even reach 0 degrees for weeks at a stretch, and extremely hot summers so the concept of using the ground temperature is actually unrealistic. These types of heat pumps are meant for regions that have milder climates and so i told him he needed to get a second opinion. I hope that they contact the other dealers manager and tells him what happened and how dishonest he was for the system working in our vicinity.

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