Lots of heating there

My boyfriend and I purchased our perfect new home recently. We could not be more thrilled in this new stage of our lives! In order to celebrate, we chose to visit a local furniture store to decide on some new pieces for our residence. We have been living inside of a furnished apartment before we bought this home, and had sold what furniture we did have making sure that we did not have to move it across the state. In the beginning, we enjoyed looking at most of the furniture. My boyfriend liked the glass round table. I wanted the mid century modern family livingroom set. After a little while, we grew hot, tired, and exhausted. Looking back, I am fairly certain this bad attitude had a lot to do with their lack of air conditioning. It had been the dead of summer, in fact. They did not seem to have any air conditioning running at all. In actuality, unless I was mistaken, they seemed to have their furnace on! I recall warm air flowing from the air vents that felt a great deal like the furnace. My boyfriend and I decided to leave without purchasing anything because of the discomfort we felt. This sort of outing basically proves that good HVAC systems are very important when it comes to store ownership. Uncomfortable customers do not make purchases unless they are desperate for some specific type of merchandise. I was just glad to make it back to our new home. We didn’t have furniture, but at least a great air conditioner waited there for us!

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