Looking for a puppy

I recently just accepted my first big-girl job in a brand new city, several hours away from my hometown. I’m super excited to begin this new journey in my career, but I’m sad about leaving my friends and family behind. I can definitely drive home for a weekend, but by the time I’ve worked 40 hours and straighten out my personal sanity, I don’t want to spend half my weekend driving home. Because I’m still new to the area, I haven’t made many friends. As much as I love spending my weekends relaxing at home, it can get lonely sometimes. In attempt to cure this loneliness, I’ve decided to get a puppy. I’m not sure which dog I’ll end up getting, but I’ve been doing a ton of research on the maintenance and time that they require. In all of the articles I’ve read, they’ve suggested finding a great air purifier for pet dander. This purifier will be great for any guests I may have who are allergic to most pets. The device is great for trapping all pet dander, dust, and hair within the air.  A carbon filter is also amazing at removing pet odors and odd smells from the home. Another great feature about an air purifier, is that most of the modern systems work remotely. I can hook it up to my iphone and activate it from wherever I am. I will definitely be purchasing an air purifier for my apartment because I don’t want to constantly be cleaning up hair and sniffing in weird dog odors. air-filter