Leaving notes on a office thermostat

The individuals I work with are strange.  When I started my job over five years ago, I thought that they were just quirky.  I am one to keep to myself, so I don’t interact with them if I don’t have to.  But over time, I have realized that they are weirder than just quirky.  They discuss topics that probably should not be talked about in the workplace and act passive aggressive when dealing with our boss.  So, when the winter season rolled around this past year, there was a huge dispute over the office temperature.  I am a petite woman, who is always cold.  Many of my strange co-workers are heavy, borderline line obese individuals, who in turn, are always too hot.  One afternoon, I was feeling colder than normal, despite my extra sweater I was wearing and space heater that was running at my desk.  So I took it upon myself to up the office thermostat a couple degrees.  I didn’t think anything of it, I just wanted to warm up.  The following day, as I was entering the building, I saw a note posted over the thermostat, expressing distaste for the temperature the day before.  Boy, I did not think that this would cause such a problem.  I felt bad, but there was nothing I could do about it.  My co-workers clearly had issues and some bully tendencies, which is not something I wanted to get involved with.  I just wish they could understand my point of view, I was not upping the temperature with a malicious intent.  I only wanted to warm up. air conditioner