Leaving all my windows open

Tree houses are all the rage right now. If you watch any home improvement TV shows or read popular magazines, you’ll notice that these tree houses are being built all over the world. Everyone is dying to get his or her hands on one! Some people are having them built for entertainment, for their kids, or for their actual homes. It’s mind-blowing how creative some of these builders can get while creating a tree house as an actual home! When my husband and I were in the middle of planning our next vacation, we found a tree house that you could rent for several nights! The pictures displayed breathtaking views and a really cozy interior. We immediately booked the tree house for the week! When we arrived, the entire place looked exactly like the photos on the website and we were super impressed. The only thing we didn’t expect or plan for was the lack of heat and air. We really didn’t need any heat, but we could’ve killed for some air conditioning. We had all the windows open during the day and night, hoping for a breeze, but sometimes it wasn’t enough. All of our nights were restless because it was too hot to fall asleep. Every morning, we would wake up in a layer of sweat and immediately need a shower. I don’t think either of us has ever needed so many showers in our lives. If you’re ever planning on staying in a tree house, do yourself a favor and ask about heating and air. If nothing is listed, it never hurts to bring your own fan. We will be writing the owners a letter, suggesting they install an HVAC system.