Learn how HVAC works

My husband and I have decided to move. I just got a new job pretty far away, so we are heading across the country to start our lives over! I am very excited about my job and we have picked out the most adorable new home. It is in the perfect neighborhood and matches the furniture we already have almost perfectly. Next on our list is to find the right HVAC equipment for our home. We want to find one that works efficiently but uses minimal electricity. We aren’t planning on moving again for a while so it is important that our HVAC equipment is reliable and dependable for many years. Right now, we are thinking about a central air conditioner and heat pump. We have been reading many reviews online that tell you how to check for which air conditioner is best for your home, but it is hard to look for things in our house when we haven’t moved in yet! The problem is, we want to make sure that the air system is installed before we get there, because where we are moving gets pretty hot. It seems I have married the best man on earth, because he said he would take care of all of our ventilation problems. He called an HVAC company in the area and set up an appointment with a technician. He is going to fly out for the weekend, meet the technician, and take him through our new home. This way we can ensure that we have the perfect HVAC system for our perfect new home.

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