Lacking an air conditioner

Soon after I met my wife, I discovered that she was a huge sports fan. I had never been much into sports, myself. My father took me to a handful of games growing up, but those were never a big deal for me. For my wife, though, those games with her dad must have been formative experiences, because she seemed drawn to the crowds, the games, and the excitement. When we started attending games together, I realized I kind of liked them. Being in the stadium was thrilling and fun because of the energy and excitement of the crowd and. What I generally wasn’t too happy about, though, was going out in the tropical summer for hours without air conditioning. I don’t usually do too well in the heat without climate control, and spending large parts of the day in the jungle sun wasn’t really my idea of fun. I could usually get into it after a while, though, and after a while I stopped noticing the lack of A/C, especially at night games. Eventually, though, my wife took me to an indoor stadium with HVAC, and it was awesome! The time of the game no longer mattered, because the stadium’s air conditioning system could keep up with the punishing mid-day heat. The thermostat was set to a comfortable shirtsleeve temperature, and the games were much more comfortable than before. The improved air quality meant that I could concentrate on the game, not the baking heat and exhausting humidity. The cooling system made me more willing to do things with my wife that she enjoys.

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