Keep some doors open

I’m sure we have all heard one time or another to shut our door if we have the portable air conditioner or heater running. If you want the room to be especially cool or heated, then shutting the door will provide just that. That is not the case, however. You are actually causing your furnace or air conditioner to run inefficiently. You are causing pressure to build up. This is not a good thing. Too much pressure can cause the air to find a hole, or crevasse to escape from. It will not just stay in the room, eventually the air will get too much pressure. It will have to escape. Perhaps you should avoid listening to your mother’s advice for once. She would tell you to keep your door closed, but you should not. For efficient usage of your equipment, you should keep your door open. Plus, if you think about it, then you would have cool air from your air conditioner in more than one room. The same goes for heating from your furnace. Keep your doors open to disperse the heat or cool air evenly in your home. Keeping doors open will prevent any damage from air trying to escape. It will also save you money from being efficient. Your machines won’t be overworked. They will heat and cool efficiently. It would be nice too, if you didn’t have a portable air conditioner in your room. If you persuade your roommate that keeping his or her door shut is actually bad for her equipment, then you can enjoy the cooled air too. It is a win win situation.
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