It’s time to get a new HVAC system

As the youngest child of three, I was the last to move out of the house. After I left, my parents made a few home renovations. The porch and front door got a fresh new coat of paint. My dad took my brother’s old room and made it into an office, with rows of bookshelves and a nice new desk. It’s nice to see that they are adjusting to an empty house. I like all of the changes that they have made in the house, except for when it comes to their HVAC equipment. We always had air conditioning growing up, because the summers can get extremely hot and humid. I guess that when I finally moved away, my parents decided that they didn’t really need air conditioning any more! A few weeks ago, I came home for a week over summer vacation, and when I walked inside the front door, I was completely overwhelmed by heat and humidity. The temperature inside the house actually felt hotter than outside! My mom was waiting in the living room for me, sitting in front of two box fans. She said that the air conditioner had stopped working, and because the HVAC unit was so old, they would have to completely replace it. Instead of replacing the HVAC unit, they had decided to live without air conditioning. I could never live without air conditioning! They seem just as happy, even though they sweat through their clothes every day, but they should really have air conditioning. I think I am going to ask my brother if he wants to contribute some money towards purchasing a new HVAC system for our parents. After putting up with us for so many years, they deserve it!

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