Investing in a heat recovery ventilator

In an attempt to do something nice for our fifteenth wedding anniversary, my husband cooked dinner for me.  Although he is only capable of making grilled cheese, he decided to get fancy and look up a recipe on the internet.  He came up with a menu of baked salmon, garlic mashed potatoes, and glazed asparagus, with a chocolate souffle.  I don’t know what made him think he could manage such a feast, but it didn’t turn out very well.  He spent all day cooking, and the kitchen was an absolute disaster.  We ended up ordering pizza because everything burned so badly.  Unfortunately, the salmon really stunk up the house.  Since our anniversary is in February, the outside temperature was only twelve degrees, and we couldn’t open the windows.  We certainly couldn’t shut off the furnace, and we couldn’t afford to let our heated air escape through open windows.  We tried burning scented candles and spraying air freshener.  We replaced the air filter in the furnace and turned up the fan speed, hoping that circulating the air might help.  We simply spread the odor throughout the whole house.  It was nearly impossible to sleep because of the severe stink, and I worried that my husband and I both smelled of salmon.  When the fish smell lingered for two straight days, I finally called my HVAC contractor for advice.  He recommended that we install a heat recovery ventilator.  He explained that the ventilator would introduce fresh air into the home without wasting heat energy.  The ventilator would actually help to trim our heating bills, while significantly improving air quality.  I was convinced, and the HVAC contractor installed the ventilator the following day. HVAC service