Installing a WIFI thermostat

I like to spend my Saturdays on do-it-yourself projects around the house.  I’ve found that by doing jobs myself, I save money and avoid careless mistakes.  In the past, I have often been dissatisfied by the work of the professionals I hired.  I’ve also been upset by the cost of professional contractors.  Since purchasing my house, I have installed new windows and doors, insulated, hung drywall, and poured a cement patio.  Last weekend, I installed a Wifi enabled thermostat.  In comparison to my other home improvements, this job was fairly small.  It didn’t cost all that much or require much of my time.  In the end, I will probably enjoy it more than anything else I’ve done.  My previous thermostat was an antique.  It’s only feature was a dial to set the temperature.  The entire house needed to be kept at the same temperature. The only way to adjust temperature was to physically walk up to the thermostat and turn the dial.  I can now access my wireless thermostat from my smartphone.  I don’t even need to be home to make adjustments to my HVAC system.  The wireless thermostat sends me regular updates, letting me know if the air filter needs to be changed, or if the HVAC system requires maintenance.  It will even notify my HVAC provider and tell the technician exactly what is wrong with it.  I can program my thermostat to conserve energy when my family is out of the house, and adjust temperature to welcome us home to perfect comfort.  My next project is to set up zones in the house, so that I can customize temperatures room-by-room.

zone control