Installing a ventilation system

Have you ever considered adding a ventilation system to your home?  I had never even heard of a ventilation system until my HVAC technician recommended it.  I figured that the only way to get fresh air into my house was to open the windows.  Since I live in a region that is cold for about eight months out of the year, we don’t get to open the windows very often.  Today’s ventilation systems offer heat recovery.  That means that the fresh air coming in is preconditioned before it enters your living space.  Rather than make more work for your furnace, the ventilation system actually reduces energy consumption and monthly costs.  There are a whole bunch of advantages to a ventilation system.  You always have a source of fresh air, no matter what the outside weather brings.  The air quality in your home is going to be significantly improved.  Things like dust, pollen, and mites are kept to a minimum, providing relief to allergy symptoms.  Humid air is automatically sent outside, helping to prevent mold and eliminate that uncomfortable sticky feeling.  By keeping windows closed and locked, you avoid exterior noise pollution, fumes, and security risks.  The ventilator is installed directly into your current HVAC system.  You won’t see the unit, but it will work silently, whether your furnace or air conditioner is running or not.  Instead of circulating the same, stale, polluted air throughout the rooms of your house, the ventilator replaces it with fresh outside air.  You’re going to enjoy far greater comfort, fewer illnesses, and reduced monthly utility bills.  These systems quickly pay for themselves.

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