Installing a heater at my ski lodge

My brother and I are the textbook definition of ski bums. We fell in love with skiing when we were just little boys. Our mom and dad would bring us skiing as soon as we were able to walk and we took to it immediately. We never raced or did anything competitive but you better believe every chance we got we were strapping on our skis and hitting the slopes. My mom and dad stopped skiing as they got older but my brother and I went out so much we decided it’d be worth it to invest in our own condo near a local hill. We split the costs down the middle and went up for our first week there. The place was beautiful but it was very, very cold. We called out an HVAC technician to take a look at it and he told us we needed a new furnace. My brother and I just shelled out a bunch of money for the condo, so we just decided to crank the heat and have fire whenever we were in the condo. However, after we got our first heating bill and burned through a tremendous amount of firewood we realized that doing this was inefficient. So, we had the furnace replaced by the HVAC technician and our monthly bill was reduced to a fraction of what it was before and we no longer have to haul firewood to imitate having a functioning furnace. This new furnace was the best investment I’ve ever made, I just wish I listened to the HVAC technician and invested sooner. Who knows, the pipes may have frozen when we weren’t there and that would’ve been a huge headache! Next time I get a recommendation from a heating and cooling professional, I’ll do as they saving tips