In high demand

My husband works for the local HVAC business, he is an excellent technician and unfortunately what this means for him is he is in high demand. He left the house this morning in a grumpy mood. He had an appointment for early afternoon with a property manager at a housing development near the marsh, apparently apartment 226 has a broken fan blade on their outdoor unit. As he is waiting to meet with the property manager, he tells me he had that sinking feeling that it wasn’t going to be that easy. Housing developments like this one do well for their HVAC business, installations and routine maintenance are a reliable and profitable part of their business. But it was these solo outlier appointments that always turned into at least one or more visits. Sure enough, as he is being led into apartment 226 and gaining access, he is being told of apartment 328, there appears to be a disconnect between the thermostat reading and the HVAC unit, can he take a look while he is at the property? Of course he agrees to, that is just the kind of guy my husband is. He diagnoses 228 as being in need of a replacement fan, as he waits for the parts and his partner, he pops over to 328 hoping for a quick fix. He goes straight for the thermostat to rule that out, next stop is out back to take a look at the unit, the fan was spinning and all was operational there. Next stop was upstairs, here it was clear to see the unit was out of freon. He gripes about how obvious the problems are and how he wished others could see that, I said if that was the case, you would be out of a job!

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