I’m glad this system is efficient

I can remember the time when one of my favorite bands breaking up. I ended up buying a ticket to an outdoor concert venue and I couldn’t go because they broke up right before the concert. We did end up having our tickets refunded. I was so upset when I heard about this because I was looking forward to seeing this band live for the very first time. 5 years later the band has come back together with a new album and has announced their world tour dates. I bought the album their concert tickets Finally the night has come for them to put on the show. The cheapest ticket that I could find were ones in the nosebleed section. It was really high up but I was still able to experience them play live. The huge downfall of having seats that high up was we were near the ductwork. There was a lot of rattling in the ductwork and the vents were right above us. Since there were thousands of people, whoever was maintaining the facility had the air conditioning up really high. It was extremely uncomfortable having cold air blast at you the entire time. I felt like I couldn’t fully enjoy the concert and I couldn’t find any maintenance people to tell them to turn the air conditioning down. I felt like they should have spread out the air registers and not have them all pointing at the people sitting in the top section. The next time I purchase tickets I’ll make sure I won’t be sitting near ductwork that is carry cold air.

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