I was worried about the temperature for this year’s music festival

Every year since I was 13, I have attended this same music festival in my hometown. They bring a unique set of artists here every summer and it is always a blast. My friends and I all dress in the wackiest outfits we can find and head to the venue. The place where they hold the show is a giant tent on the side of an amusement park. It’s technically an outdoor show, but the band and every member of the audience are encased in this humongous white tent. Despite this tent blocking the hot sun each year, we all sweat a lot and some suffer from heat exhaustion. However, this past year the venue added cooling equipment under the tent. It was amazing. Hanging from wires over our heads were these portable air conditioner units that were helping us cool off. Every once in awhile, a mist of cold water would fall from the top of the tent as well. I was surprised that they took the time and effort to install this portable HVAC equipment for the show. It worked out really well and most importantly, everyone stayed safe that day. If not for those air conditioners. I believe someone would have gone to the hospital for dehydration that afternoon because the temperature outside was over 90 degrees. I think they should have this sort of cooling equipment at every daytime concert in the summer. It has the potential to save lives if you ask me. What kind of venue wants to put their patrons through unnecessary risks like that?

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