I want use a heat pump all year

My goal is to someday move to an area with a mild enough climate that I can get by with a heat pump.  In my opinion, a heat pump is the ideal form of temperature control.  In the summer, an electric heat pump acts just like an air conditioner.  It draws excess heat and humidity from the house and pumps it outside, creating a cooling effect.  It works almost exactly like a refrigerator, and completes the process very efficiently.  A heat pump runs quite quietly, does not introduce dust and other allergens into the house, and does not cost much to run.  In the winter, the heat pump reverses direction to provide heating capacity.  It finds ambient warmth in the outside air, compresses it to a much higher temperature, and pumps the heat into the home.  Switching from heating mode to cooling mode is quick and simple, and the heat pump can raise or lower indoor temperature very swiftly.  Because the unit runs on electricity, rather than burning fossil fuels, it is an environmentally friendly form of temperature control.  Since there is no combustion process, there is no worry over possible carbon monoxide poisoning or fire hazard.  The only drawback to a heat pump is that it is not effective for heating once the outside temperature drops below freezing.  My answer is to live in an area that never experiences temperature below thirty degrees.  Since I really hate cold weather, I will be happy to relocate to a temperate climate.  Although the heat pump will be quite expensive for me to install, it will save me money on my energy bills every month.

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