I want to hire a plumber

When I finally stopped renting apartments, and bought a home, I was not prepared for the amount of maintenance.  Living in an apartment, I had a landlord and a maintenance crew who handled all of that for me.  I had no idea that there were air filters in the HVAC system, a lint trap in the dryer, and that I should drain my water heater.  I had no idea what to do when I suddenly had very little water pressure in the shower, hardly any hot water, and all of my drains were moving super slow.  My mother recommended that I call a licensed plumber for annual maintenance.  I was a bit reluctant to hire a plumber when nothing was actually broken.  My plumbing wasn’t working at its best, but I could live with it.  I put of contacting the plumber for another month, but the issues steadily worsened.  When I noticed that my toilet was running all of the time, I finally scheduled a maintenance call.  The plumber was extremely professional and efficient.  He checked all of the pipes, drains, and faucets in the house.  He inspected and serviced the water heater.  He found obstructions in the drains, leaks in several of the pipes, and a buildup of sediment in the water tank.  The whole service only took a couple of house, and it certainly improved my everyday life.  I know have an ample supply of hot water and plenty of pressure from my faucets.  My drains are working perfectly, and I no longer have a consistent damp spot near the tub.  I was so impressed with the results that I enrolled in a plumbing maintenance plan.  My plumber will come to the house every year and make sure that every aspect of my plumbing system is working properly.