I love this new diner

I have never been able to resist going to a themed diner. I love that they look exactly like big silver trailers, and all of the 1950’s decoration always puts me in such a good mood. Old-fashioned diners always seem to have the best food, too. It might be greasy, but it has that amazing “home-cooked” taste, and the prices are always reasonable. This morning, my boyfriend and I were looking for a new breakfast place, and luckily enough, we found an old-fashioned diner. The booths were made of glittery plastic, and the tiled floor was black and white checkerboard. As we were waiting for our greasy, delicious food, I did notice one problem. The air conditioning was extremely chilly, and the plastic covering on the booths was making it even colder. Even though it was summertime, I hadn’t expected the air conditioning to be quite so cold! My boyfriend was nice enough to switch seats with me so that I wouldn’t be so close to the air vents. Unfortunately, I could still feel the air conditioning blowing on my shoulders. My boyfriend suggested that the diner might need to keep the air conditioning higher because the grill area was connected to the dining area. Without high levels of air conditioning, the heat coming from the grills might be overwhelming. Although I still felt uncomfortable from the air conditioning, this actually made a lot of sense. I suppose that I would rather sit in a chilly restaurant than an overheated one! The food was amazing, so we decided to make the diner our new breakfast spot. Next time, however, I’ll bring a sweater so I can be prepared for the air conditioning!

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