I like this new furnace

Making a new room and messing with the walls in a house is a lot easier aboveground than it is in the basement. You always hear about people renovating their house and getting rid of a wall or two in the kitchen to achieve that open layout. They can also put up new walls in different places if that helps the overall layout as well. However, very few people try to partition off parts of their basement to create separate rooms. That is exactly what I did last year. I basically built a small home gym in the corner of my basement. I had drywall form an enclosed space down there. After that, I hired an HVAC company in town to help me extend the air ducts into this space. This was a fairly minor procedure because the ductwork ran right by it anyway. Once everything was all set, I moved in my weights and cardio equipment. Since then, I have been using my furnace to heat just this little room while I exercise. I have lost a ton of weight since that time and even started seeing some muscular definition come in for the first time ever. While I am putting in all the hard work, I believe my home’s heating equipment deserves some credit for my body transformation. Without it, I would not be able to burn calories as quickly as I do right now. I thought about joining a real gym the other day, but as long as my HVAC equipment keeps my basement comfortable I will continue to exercise down there.heater