I hate winter and only my furnace makes it tolerable

I hate cold weather and snow, and I try very hard never to leave my house in the winter.  I work from home, so I can go several days straight without needing to step outside.  I sometimes go a full week without getting the mail from the mailbox, and procrastinate over getting groceries for as long as possible.  There is typically several feet of snow on the ground and more falling from the sky all of the time.  If I am forced to run to the store, I first must shovel a path through the snow, scrape the ice off my windshield, and let my car run for at least ten minutes.  Rather than bundle up in heavy boots, wool coat, and mittens, I prefer to hide inside my warm home.  Because of my hatred of winter weather, I have invested a great deal of money into a state-of-the-art furnace.  My heating system features variable-speed technology, which means that the equipment automatically adapts operation to the needs of the house.  It can adjust its speed anywhere from forty to one hundred percent, allowing it to run longer at lower capacity.  This avoids sudden blasts of hot hair, temperature fluctuations, and energy waste.  My modern furnace maintains very evenly distributed warmth and steady temperature, and keeps my monthly gas bill as low as possible.  My furnace achieves a 98 percent AFUE rating and is Energy Star rated.  I paired my furnace with a smart thermostat, so that I can access all of the various settings through my smartphone or computer.  It is very convenient to be able to alter temperature settings or fan speed without leaving my desk.  It is also helpful to receive maintenance notifications and filter change alerts.  I am conscientious about taking good care of my furnace.  I change the air filter in the system every month, and schedule seasonal maintenance from my local HVAC contractor every fall.