I hate carrying a heavy air conditioner

Every summer I have to get my mother’s airconditioner from the attic. My mother has window A/C and it is horrible. The air conditioner is so big that it can’t fit in her window. It also is super bulky and heavy so I have to con my little brother Josh into moving it with me. Josh and I have to carry the cooling device down the most narrow set of stairs in our house. Then we try to wedge the cooling device down a very small hallway with rugs that catch on it. Then the AC device finally makes it in our mother’s room. I have to mess around with the AC. I clean it, set it up in the right place and make sure the cooling settings are what my mother wants. Then my mom uses the air conditioner all summer long. The moment the weather turns moderately cold, my mother wants it out of her room. I don’t blame her. The cooling equipment takes up a bunch of room. But then I have to get Josh to help me once more. He is way less eager to bring the cooling device up a flight of stairs rather than down. One of us always manages to either jam our hand or drop the large air conditioner on our foot. Every year we complain about how we need to get her an air conditioner that can actually fit in her window. Perhaps we can have a HVAC business fit in central air conditioning that is simply turned on with a thermostat.

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