I feel so comfortable

My best mate is trying to save up for a house, so he had recently chosen to move from one rented liveable space to another. He was renting a really nice townhome with updated heating and cooling, but he wanted to cut costs and save additional money every month by moving. He looked online with the different realty listings and found a flat. It was clearly not a new place considering the old construction, but it was inexpensive, in decent shape, and in one of the few good areas of the town, which was a rarity. He called the realtor as soon as he saw it and said although it was older, he would take it, sight unseen. Which has been not his best idea. He first saw the place, along with the realtor, at the condo when it was time to sign the lease. I went over to visit him 2, 3 weeks after he moved in. When I walked in the door, he immediately began telling me about every one of the problems the condo had, the biggest issue being the air quality. He said that he purchased an air home cleaner the first day he moved in and the only way to make the condo tolerable was if the air conditioning stayed on and the air purifier was running always. I felt bad, but there was price he paid for agreeing to transport himself in without having seen the flat. I knew that I could never live that way. For me, air quality was key to living comfortably. I made a mental note to never, under any circumstances, take a rental without checking it out first one on one.

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