I feel really cold

My boss is always doing events around the city with his friends and family. He is very wealthy and asked me to attend an awards dinner with him and his wife in the city. I knew it was way out of my league but I said okay because I knew I would see lots of famous people. I was very nervous what I would wear and how I would look but I was very excited to go and see what it would be like. I was shocked when I got there at how beautiful the restaurant was. There were famous people everywhere, models, actors and even politicians. They were passing around hordevours and champagne and I was overwhelmed by how nice it was! One thing I did notice though was that it was extremely warm. Like uncomfortably warm and even the models, who do not have an ounce of fat on their bodies were fanning themselves off. For how expensive and prestigious this event was, one would think they could control the HVAC unit in the room. It should be set at like 64 degrees, with this many people in the room. Someone needed to turn the air conditioning on or people were going to start complaining, or even worse leave! I saw the waiters sprinting around trying to figure out the issue. Next thing I know, I see two technicians sneaking into the back of the restaurant. The HVAC unit must have stopped working! About 30 minutes later, the technicians left and it felt much cooler in there. HVAC business to the rescue!

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