I don’t want to do this HVAC tune-up myself

The other day I tried to do my own cooling tune up. It really did not go well since I know nothing about cooling systems. I tried cleaning off the fan blades, but I think I may have bent them. I also tried adding lubrication to the fan motor belt. I really do not think I did it right. Next I messed with the refrigerant levels of my AC system. I did not realize how particular an air conditioner is about the level of refrigerant. I felt it was low so I adding a bunch. I figured a little bit was good but more would be better. So I added a ton of refrigerant to really get it working nice. The following day after my air conditioner tune up I started noticing some issues with my cooling device. It was leaking a whole lot and it was making my carpet smell. I also noticed that the air conditioning system made a lot of noises that sounded like it was in pain. Finally I decided to do a bit of research online to see what is going wrong after I cleaned the device. I figured out that the fan blades got bent when I cleaned them. The motor belt actually had less lubrication. Finally, the refrigerant was too much and causing the air conditioner to leak. Trying to perform my own A/C service actually made my air conditioner not work as well. I should have saved the time and effort by calling a professional HVAC contractor. I know he could have done it better.

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