I don’t like dealing with dirty water

I have always love the location of my house.  I am happy to have no neighbors and to be surrounded by a large forest, rolling hills, and small streams.  My house is around two  hundred years old, but the place is modern.  I’ve put in a great deal of time, money, and effort to renovate the place.  I’ve  totally updated all of the rooms to be comfortable and match my decor.  I’ve installed Energy Star rated windows, added insulation, replaced the HVAC system, and installed new light fixtures.  The only thing that I can’t improve is the condition of the water from the well.  I deal with hard water.  The water supply just about ruins living in my lovely house.  The water is so concentrated with calcium, lime, and rust, even a water softener can’t solve the issue..  I’ve tried a whole bunch of types of water softeners that only manage to run my household out of water.  Unfortunately, the hard water causes clogs in my pipes due to the buildup of scale, corrodes fixtures, and ruins my appliances.  A water heater should last ten years, but  in my house only lasts around 2 years.  I can’t even have a dishwasher because the dishes come out looking worse than when they started.  Our white clothing, towels and linens always end up stained a shade of orange.  The hard water is even a problem for my family’s skin, hair and teeth.  I’ve gotten recommendations from plumbers, but there’s no possible way to combat such nasty water.  I am frequently have to fix clogged drains, water stains, sediment in the aerators, and leaks.  The water tastes awful and smells really bad.  We never drink it, or cook with it.  We don’t even brush our teeth with it.

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