I clean my air conditioner once a year

Once in awhile my mom defrosts the freezer. Normally, I hope that I am not really home on that day. She takes everything out of the icebox and puts it inside the deep sink and many of the stuff is just plain old and unrecognizable. I don’t know how any of the stuff that ends up at the rear of the freezer gets forgotten there before turns into something that we will never want to eat. Once there was something green that was suppose to be brown. Once it is defrosted, the coils are exposed at the back of the freezer. It’s an older model to help you actually view where the water goes through to produce a cooling system. This is akin to what happens when your air conditioning machine works right. One time on our aged units the coils became frozen and needed to be thawed out for defrosting. The HVAC technician worked on it for hours. It was a lost cause. We still had to replace the product anyway. I know two things for sure, when I have my own house I won’t have a large freezer to need to get defrosted and I will present an up-to-date HVAC system that shouldn’t run the chance of the same principal happening. My mom never appeared to mind defrosting the freezer and dealing with and finding what was recognizable or not, I on the other hand do not need to do this on a yearly basis or ever if I can merely can avoid it.heating and cooling