HVAC to keep tempers down

In moving down south I discovered something pretty important about myself: Pride will be my downfall. I always felt (and still do) living up north is not for the feint of heart. Heating a home and yourself is much more difficult and taxing on the body than cooling a home. So I was pretty stuck up about being a Yankee, chopping and stacking our own wood, the shoveling and scraping just to get to your car just to get to work and hopefully your car turns over.  Cars get very ornery in the winter. I felt that since the southern temperatures aren’t fatal to humans without a/c access as the cold up north is fatal to those without heat, northerners were inherently stronger. But after a few months down here, I am starting to see the error of my ways. Heat does kill, the psychologist in me knew this from day 1 of Intro to Psych, there is a positive correlation between heat and murders. As a teacher down here I can tell you how important functioning HVAC systems are for classrooms. Rising temperatures and rising tempers do not mix well, there has been a rash of arguments and physical altercations between our students and it is not a coincident we are right in the middle of a heat wave. Unfortunately the lunch room, being the largest area in the school, doesn’t cool down as much as the smaller classrooms and offices do and where most conflicts happen. We’ve upped the ante on lunchroom monitors and unfortunately, I’m on duty today. Living down here is not for the feint of heart.

thermostat settings