HVAC technician diagnosis

Sometimes being a mom is the hardest job you can have. It can also be one of the most rewarding and fun. I love being a mom of three beautiful youngsters. They have taken over my life but I can accept that. I am very busy with all three of them. I do not have much time for myself. I also do not have much time to keep up with things around the house. The house gets messy along with my car. There are toys just about everywhere. Something I never thought about looking after was my HVAC unit. It is definitely something I put to the side. I always just expect my HVAC system to work. It is something in my mind which will always work. It was working until one day we were all becoming hot The house was becoming warmer and warmer. The children were saying that they were so hot. They thought I had to turn the air conditioning on. I informed them I never turned it off. We tried changing my thermostat but nothing happened. The children became whiny and unbearable to be around. I needed to make a move quick. I could not manage this myself so I called my HVAC technician. He came to check it out as soon as he could. He told me there were a small part in the compressor that was not working. It was an easy fix. Later that day our house became cool again. My air conditioning was back on. It was rejuvenating. The children quieted down. I really could relax. I was so grateful for the HVAC technician. I also told myself I would get regular tune ups to stop this from happening again.

HVAC technician