HVAC technicalities

You gotta be amazed how far technology has come so quickly. We have gone from no one knowing what a personal computer is to everyone owning a small computer that can make phone calls, set appointments, play music, and access an endless amount of information all in their pockets. It seems like every week they are coming out with a fancy new gadget or some new touch screen tablet. With the rise of the internet it really has caused us to advance greatly in technology in such a short time because of the ability to share ideas and information with people around the globe at our fingertips. With all this advancement why should your heating and cooling systems still operate like they are from the Stone Age? I called my local HVAC service and had them install a state of the art heater with inverter technology. My state of the art inverter system allow for variable speed based upon what is efficient and comfortable for my home. I can also set temperatures individually based upon rooms, allowing for settings based upon personal preferences. This allows me to not spend as much energy heating or cooling specific rooms that are not often used. It also allows me to be warm and cozy in my room while my son keeps his room colder so he can sleep under a pile of blankets. This new technology is actually safer and can easily switch from cooling to heating with a push of a button. Once you experience the benefits of much more advanced HVAC system you will wonder why you ever bothered with your old system at all.