HVAC professional

If you buy a house, you’re kind of stuck with lots of things the previous owner had. As long as they liked pink granite countertops, your kitchen is going to have pink granite countertops for a bit. If they chose to have a spa tub in their bathroom, you may enjoy the fruits of their labor. On a less noticeable scale, if they didn’t have any air ducts installed in the home, then you have lots of HVAC options. First, the absence of ductwork means they utilize a ductless unit or they don’t use any good heater or air conditioner. I’m guessing they’ve got a ductless unit. Ductless units are just the thing for some homes. However, when it comes time and energy to replace some of your HVAC equipment, consult the help of a local heating and cooling business. They’ll know the area’s climate superior to anybody. Even if the previous owners used a ductless system, you can still have air ducts installed in order to have a forced-air system. It’s entirely up to you. However, if you want to stay away from a forced-air system with a ductless unit, you would have tons of work to do. They would need to tear through some ceilings and walls to have the air ducts removed. That is a very expensive process, especially when you have to replace the heater or air conditioner along with it. Ask an HVAC professional for advice today so you can make the right heating and cooling decision for yourself.

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