HVAC installations can be sketchy

It is so hard to tell family members or friends exactly how you feel without hurting their feelings. I am a bit of an introvert. So when one of my friends ask if I would like to go out later for drinks, the first thing that pops in my mind is how I can say no. The trouble is, you can only say no so many times before they get suspicious of you. Therefore, you must come up with an excuse right on the spot. Another thing I feel awkward about is receiving bad gifts from family members. I am really bad at faking a smile, so if I do not care for something it is really difficult for me to hide it. Finally, I have trouble refusing help from family and friends as well. When my grandpa offered to install my new heater a few months back, I just let him do it instead of saying it was already taken care of. Now, I am seeing the effects of letting him do this. It was an awful decision because the HVAC technician would have done a much better job and I wouldn’t be dealing with all of the problems in front of me right now. The heater installation would have been done right in the first place. If I ever get offered a proposition like this again, I will surely turn it down because it is just not worth it to go through all of this trouble. My HVAC equipment is expensive and I want it to be treated properly.A:C