HVAC at our new lake house

When I retired, I thought all the stress was just going to melt away. After forty years of having people rely on me for deadlines and other daily responsibilities, I was done. I was done with dealing with issues all day long. Well, I thought I was done. One of the first things I did after retiring was buy a lake house on the water. It is a great little place and it provides a fantastic view as well. I could not have been happier to end up with the house I did and the location it was at. However, of course there was a little drama to deal with early on. I was told the place was in great shape when I bought it, and they were right. However, they did not tell me that it did not have any HVAC equipment and that it was basically necessary to install some if you wanted to be comfortable. What had happened was the seller was simply flipping this property and trying to make money off of it. He tore out the old heater and air conditioner that no longer worked right, but did not replace them at all. He just left it and promised me that the breeze from the lake was enough to keep folks cool. That was not the case. I sweated my butt off the first few nights before finally phoning a professional HVAC repairman. I had him come over several times to install some new units for me. The place is amazing now but it certainly caused me more stress than I bargained for.

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