HVAC and chimneys

Winter was upon us and it was snowing almost everyday.  We had a wood-burning furnace in the basement and we had a lot of wood ready for the winter.  My son and his friends came over and helped us for two weekends get all the wood cut and stacked.  We are lucky we have a walk in basement with a nice mudroom off of it.  You can stack 3 cord of wood there to stay dry and close by.  On nice days I go out to the outdoor pile to use up some of that wood.  The furnace runs with a nice blower and vents out the chimney.  One afternoon the alarm went off on the furnace.  It has an auto shut off if it cannot vent out the chimney.  We called an HVAC company to come and see if they could help with the chimney.  I am too old to be climbing up on the roof during the winter.  What they found inhibiting the chimney was quite interesting.  Apparently, a bird thought it would be a good idea to put a nest on the top of the chimney.  It was still vented but not enough.  How the birds were still alive we weren’t sure.  The technician removed the nest for us.  They also closed off the chimney top with a special cover to ward off any other unwanted guests.  Once the chimney was clear of our guests we were able to start the furnace up again.  We were lucky that we were home when it happened so we could get it repaired as fast as we did.residential HVAC