Humidity can be frustrating

Being a girl is so hard sometimes. Girls have to deal with the monthly mood swings, and also the other fun girl stuff, like pregnancy. We have to worry about breastfeeding, and all the other things that goes along with having a baby. Guys have it so easy. They help with the process and then just continue their days with no pain. Girls also have to deal with having long hair. Although it’s not true for every woman, most do have some amount of thick long hair. It gets so unruly at times. You don’t feel like styling it everyday. Sometimes you just wish you were a man and could jump out of the shower and go. The worst is when you want to curl or straighten it and the humidity in the air just crushes all your hard work. In the winter, your hair gets static filled due to the lack of water vapor in the air. I am so glad that I have a humidifier and dehumidifier installed in my home. Depending on the season, then the humidity levels adjust accordingly. Not only does humidity affect my hair, but also my breathing. In the summer if the humidity is too high, then breathing is hard. The opposite goes for the winter. If there isn’t enough humidity in the air then your nose is so dry. Your skin begins to itch and crack. It’s the worst. The air conditioner and heater also help filter the air for better breathing. Without having an HVAC system to take care of the humidity in your home, you can also unknowingly grow mold and other harmful microorganisms that love the humidity. Humidity must be controlled.

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