How can people go without heating?

I guess the north and south poles are the coldest locations in the world, yet still, there are people who go there on purpose, and not me! I’ll stick right here, thank you easily much, and not have to worry about ice and snow storms that can bury you alive. I can hardly even sit to watch documentaries on TV about those locations, it chills me to our bones just looking at it, some people live in igloos, houses of ice and snow, and I turn on the area heating system next to our bed if it ever dips below sixty degrees, however, how can people survive even a single night in an igloo, by the way, how can you conserve heating enough to stay alive while surrounded by blocks of ice? But people do survive in igloos, so there must be some trick to heating that I am missing out on. If you had a fireplace, a furnace, or any kind of heating source into an igloo, wouldn’t it just start melting your ceiling and walls? In any event, the people who live in the snow can worry about how that works, I will stay inside where it is nice and toasty sizzling next to our heating air vent. My ancestors used to have to worry about how to stay sizzling enough to survive a Winter season, so now that I have access to Heating as well as Air Conditioning technology and can stay heated year round, I will never go back to the old ways!

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