House has too many different temperatures

Earlier this week I made a major life change when I moved across the country with my boyfriend. He graduated from his doctoral program and landed a job teaching at a university 700 miles from where we were living, and since I’m completely in love with him and our dog, I had no choice but to accompany him on this trip. We picked out a great house in a nice area that allows for plenty of privacy and recreation in our downtime, and I was really looking forward to saying goodbye to apartment living. However, I didn’t’ realize that this house would be too large to consistently maintain a set temperature throughout the entire space. It turns out that our split level home has an issue with the air conditioning working at varying degrees from level to level. The house itself is a split level, so it has three distinct areas connected to the central ventilation system. I quickly realized that at night our upstairs bedroom was strangely stuffy, and I had to turn the thermostat down incredibly low to get the air temperature I desired. It wasn’t until yesterday, however, that I realized how crazy cold the lowest level gets. There is a distinct 5-10 degree difference between the air conditioning on the first and second levels. Every time I walk down to the living room and office area I’m immediately covered in goosebumps, and flee to higher ground and warmer temperatures shortly thereafter. I hope we can figure out how to warm up the lowest level, otherwise I’m only going to be utilizing a fraction of our new space!

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