High water bills that are the result of leaks

I own a rental property across town that is a three unit house.  Being a landlord is an easy way to make some extra money each year.  The house itself is in decent condition, so there aren’t many issues that need to be taken care of.  My tenants are nice people who do not make a mess and pay their rent and utilities on time.  So when I received the monthly water bill from the house and the price was over double what it should have been, I was really concerned.  I immediately reached out to the tenants, asking if their toilets had been running more than usual.  I decided to visit each unit myself to inspect the faucets and toilets.  There was no way that this price was just a result of inflation.  After checking each individual unit and not finding any conclusive evidence, I contacted a buddy of mine who is a trained plumber.  Eventually, we found a large leak in the basement, which was the reason why the monthly bill was so high.  This issue did cost me quite a bit of money to repair, but it had to be done.  That was the first plumbing problem I had with the property, so I should consider myself lucky.  Many of my friends who also own additional properties, have had many plumbing related problems and keep their plumbers on speed dial.  These issues can add up and put a drain on your pocket.  I just hope that is the only issue I have with the rental house for awhile.

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