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I do not know how people survived without a basic heating system. Like most people, I enjoy a warm fire but my gas furnace heats my house wonderfully. When I was growing up my parents had a fireplace that we always used. I really enjoyed the warm relaxing evenings lying in front of it. My parents then decided to get a gas furnace. I could not believe the difference. The entire house was now warm and we barely used our fireplace to heat the family room. It was a great for me to experience the change from one heating system to the other. When I built my own home I did not even install a fireplace. I had the gas furnace installed first. There was no reason for the obsolete technology. However, my wife and I had kids I decided I wanted a fireplace. I wanted them to experience lying in front of the warm fire on a relaxing night. It was interesting to watch them transition. They ended up enjoying the fireplace more than the gas furnace! Sometimes the old things still have a mysterious attraction to them. The only thing is that the gas furnace is much more practical. I can heat every room in my home to the same temperature and not just have one room be warm. I do enjoy having the family all in one room at the same time. The only thing I do not like is wasting money on two heating devices. Although, if it makes my kids happy then I do not care about the cost.

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