Heating equipment you can rely on

Have you ever gone to camp for the summer? I have. Sure, it’s a great way to learn useful skills, meet new people and have a general good time. I’ve enjoyed the time I spent at camp when I was a kid. I liked learning survival skills and playing with the other kids. I liked having camp fires and getting out on the water in kayaks and canoes. I even enjoyed swimming in the pond to cool down. What I didn’t like was the bugs and the heat. No one likes bugs. I don’t care what anyone says. The heat was something that I’ve always despised. I can’t take the heat. Swimming at camp was a temporary fix and not a very good one. Sooner or later you have to come out and then it’s back to sweating. So sure, I enjoyed camp. But if you asked if I wanted to go, I’d have said I’d rather stay home in the air conditioning. My parents home was always nice and cool. I thought it wasn’t fair to be sent away from such luxuries. Not only would I be dragged, kicking and screaming from the coolness of my parents home, but also forced into a place that is just loaded with bugs. I can’t stand them on me. Add a sticky, sweaty body to the mix and it’s even worse. Next time any parents are thinking about sending their kid to camp, put yourself in their shoes. Try to think hard on if you’d prefer to be at camp trying to have fun and not die of heat stroke while getting eaten alive by mosquitos or if you’d rather stay home in HVAC controlled conditions.

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