Heater repair kills romance

My spouse and I rarely get to spend a huge amount of time for ourselves lately. We’re setting up a brand new home, he’s starting a bunch of new sales jobs, and we always have the kids to worry about. That’s why it was so awesome when we tried to set aside a special night to have a romantic evening for just the two of us, little did we know it would definitely be ruined by our elderly HVAC system. We had all of this planned out; the kids were going to stay overnight with a friend, the cat was looked after and relaxing in his room, and we had the residence spick and span in preparation of a gourmet meal. Then out of nowhere it began to feel really chilly in the house. I inspected the heat control settings, but they were exactly as we had set them. Somehow this temperature was well below the normal setting, and it continued to decline even further as we cooked. For a while the warmth of the kitchen masked that plunging indoor air temperature, but when we sat down to eat it was subsequently freezing cold. We interrupted dinner to go tinker around with the heater, even so the furnace simply was not turning on whatsoever. By the time we returned to our nicely prepared  table our meal was extremely cold and so were we. We put up a few space heaters and wrapped ourselves up in big fluffy blankets, which really lowered the romantic mood dramatically. Eventually our night ended abruptly with us making a desperate call to the HVAC business; not really the big finish that we had expected.

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